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our vision

Your beauty, our endeavour

Royal Indulgence is the only beauty and wellness brand that provides a true Ayurvedic experience, a holistic vision we seek to sustain. Our endeavour has always been to use only the richest variety of medicinal herbs in their pure, unadulterated form. With monitored cultivation and soil friendly production methods, we ensure premium quality Ayurvedic ingredients for extracts, oils and powders in our products that are delivered to you, right at your doorstep. Each product brings time tested Ayurvedic beauty treatments that are known to be wholesome, healing and effective. Solely of the earth, Ayurveda’s potent healing powers combine in our multi-tasking skin care products to give you unparalleled results through 100% natural formulations

our story

All good things must have a beginning

In 2006, Royal Indulgence was founded by an Ayurvedic Physician, Dr.Manjusha Manneri, who saw the unsettling lack of efficiency and many side effects in chemical laden cosmetic products for women. An allegiant believer in the power of Ayurveda, and acquainted with the ancient Kerala Ashta Vaidyan families that hold expertise in sacred Ayurvedic beauty secrets privy to few, she decided to extend the healing circle; to reach out to everyday women, who battle persistent skin issues on a daily basis. Our first luxurious Ayurvedic detoxifying treatment- Royal Indulgence Lodhradi was introduced in 2006, with an overwhelming 95% success rate.