• "I have used Lodhradi detoxifying mask for two weeks and the results are unbelievable. Never tried a product with such promising results. After various experiences that had me wait for almost 4-5 months each time with no visible results, Lodhradi detoxifying mask has been utterly satisfying."

- Mrinalini, Hyderabad

My skin is extremely sensitive and I have exhausted every option available to care for it. A friend suggested Lodhradi and I decided to give it a go because, what's to lose? I had already tried everything that is there. I was elated when after a couple of applications I found out that Lodhradi, in addition to not making my skin worse like the other products, also actually made it better. It feels soft and healthy and there has been a tremendous reduction in my acne."

- Amala, Gurgaon

" I purchased Lodhradi after coming across the brand on I was looking for a remedy for my extremely tanned skin and given the reviews, I decided to start with the tier 1 package which is one bottle of Lodhradi detoxifying face that lasts for one month. I must say, I am more than impressed. I'm going to order the tier two package soon. Thank you Royal Indulgence, for a product as wonderful as this."

- Deepika, Goa

"Being an ardent believer of Ayurveda, I was hesitant to try the products by Royal Indulgence because I was confident they would be one of those oil/cream based products being sold under the 'Ayurveda' tag to attract customers. Night creams are a compulsory part of my beauty routine and I had a bottle of Kumkumadi lying around as a result of my constant cosmetic splurges. After having used it for a month I can declare this is NOT one of those products that claim to be Ayurvedic but are not. The content seems organic and free of chemicals. My once dull and dark skin is now three shades brighter and glowing. I have decided to stick to Kumkumadi for now without experimenting with other products."

- Vanya, Ludhiana

"My work requires me to spend long hours in the sun which resulted in a deep tan. I wanted to regain my actual skin tone which was much lighter before I took my job up. Browsing for organic products, I chanced upon Royal Indulgence Kumkumadi. To be honest, I was impressed by the elegant bottle, but now I know it’s not only the outer part of the bottle which is impressing but also the contents inside. All it took was a month for my old skin tone to appear again. I'm definitely recommending Kumkumadi to my colleagues."

- Pallavi, Cochin

"Both me and my daughter were looking for an all purpose mask for the variety of skin related issues both of us have. I am in my fifties and she is in her mid-twenties. Now there aren't many face masks in the market that cater to women of all age groups but Lodhradi promises just that and it keeps this promise up very well. Having used it for the last few months me and my daughter swear by Lodhradi and Royal Indulgence."

- Radhika, Bangalore

"I was recommended Kumkumadi by my mom's friend who is an ayurvedic expert. I generally do not use any fairness creams or night creams because I know what they do as a result of my not so great trials with cosmetics in the past. But since this was suggested by someone whose opinion I trust, I started using it two weeks ago. There has been a visible lightening in my skin tone and I am rid of the multiple dark spots on my cheeks and forehead. I have placed an order for Ludhrani face mask and I'm looking forward to trying it."

- Swathi, Mumbai

"I have been an avid user of both Lodhradi face mask and Kumkumadi for over six months now. Not only is my skin clear and glowing but it retains these qualities. I don’t wear heavy makeup anymore to hide my pigmentation and tan. At the end of a long day, no matter how tired I am, my face still looks like I just washed it after waking up from a good night's sleep."

- Nandita, Kolkata

"I was always insecure about my skin that seemed to have constant acne and scars from pimples. I tried everything from home remedies to stuff from famous brands and ointments and face washes brought by my relatives living in the states all of which yielded no results. I was browsing a website on skin and beauty and one click led to another until I found myself looking at the two products manufactured by Royal Indulgence. I bought Kumkumadi first, saving Lodhradi for later. I wasn't exactly looking to miraculously turn fair because I honestly adore my deep brown skin. But my acne and scars were well addressed and half of them disappeared after a month and a half along with my skin just glowing with life. I have never felt better about my appearance!"

- Aishwarya, Chandigarh

"I was a little hesitant at first while I was considering whether to order Lodhradi detoxifying mask. It seemed a tad expensive and I had no idea what kind of an effect it would have on my skin. I tried masks earlier by well acclaimed brands and to my disappointment they didn't do much to my skin. I thought even would just be a waste of my hard earned money. I ordered it anyway and this time, my money was completely worth it. My skin is renewed and radiating. I also look younger!"

- Apoorva, Indore